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2011 Madden Green Bay Packer Player Ratings

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 was the official release date of Madden 2011 by EA Sports. By the way, why is it called Madden 2011 instead of Madden 2010? Anyhow, the annual release of Madden is a special day for football and video game afficaiandos (like myself) around the world.

The annual Madden release leads to trash talking amongst NFL players. NFL players get so worked up about their ratings that they have gone so far as to petition EA Sports to improve their ratings. Here are some highlights from the 2011 Madden Green Bay Packer player ratings:

The 10 highest rated Green Bay Packers in Madden 2011 are:
- Charles Woodson: 97
- Aaron Rodgers: 94
- Nick Collins: 93
- Greg Jennings: 90
- Donald Driver: 89
- Ryan Grant: 88
- Nick Barnett: 87
- Cullen Jenkins: 87
- Clay Matthews: 86
- Jermichael Finley: 86

Ratings Jennings 90 and Nick Barnett 87 feels a little low, especially with Matthews and Finley getting a rating of 86. If you buy into all of the preseason hype, Rodgers should be a 99. Obviously I don't think Rodgers should be a 99 but with all the hype he is getting, 94 almost feels low.

The 10 lowest rated Green Bay Packers in Madden 2011 are:
- Marshall Newhouse: 64
- Will Blackmon: 63
- Jarrett Bush: 63
- Anthony Toribio: 63
- Spencer Havner: 62
- Justin Harrell: 62
- Jarius Wynn: 60
- Allen Barbre: 60
- Matt Flynn: 57
- Tim Masthay: 49

It is only fair that the lowest rated Packer is a punter, their punting game has been horrible since cutting Jon Ryan right before the start of the 2008 regular season. Besides that, even though Harrell has been hurt since entering the NFL there is no way he should be ranked behind Newhouse, Blackmon, Bush, and Toribio. I know I am splitting hairs over a 64 rating v. a 62 rating but this might be my last chance to give Harrell a backhanded compliment.

The 5 fastest Green Bay Packers in Madden 2011 are:
- Greg Jennings: 93
- Will Blackmon: 92
- Tramon Williams: 90
- Charles Woodson: 89
- Nick Collins: 89

Madden did not include Sam Shields on the Packers roster otherwise the Packers would have had at least one player with a 99 speed rating. Only having 3 players with a speed rating of 90 or higher is a little disconcerting though.

The 5 slowest Green Bay Packers in Madden 2011 are:
- Scott Wells: 58
- Evan Dietrich-Smith: 56
- Chad Clifton: 55
- Mark Tauscher: 52
- Jason Spitz: 52

No big surprises here, offensive lineman are almost always the slowest players on the team.

Only 6 Green Bay Packers had an awareness rating of 90 or higher in Madden 2011:
- Charles Woodson: 98
- Al Harris: 97
- Chad Clifton: 93
- Mark Tauscher: 91
- Greg Jennings: 90
- Donald Driver: 90

If I were in charge of the Madden franchise (I hope you are reading this EA Sports), Aaron Rodgers would have a 99 awareness rating solely for how well he handled the whole Brett Favre saga. Rodgers took a prominent leadership role in short order after taking over for a living legend in Green Bay. Add in that Rodgers is the closest thing to the perfect team player you will ever find in professional sports and Madden missed the boat on this one. There is no way that Rodgers should have an 84 awareness rating.

The Green Bay Packers with an awareness rating of lower than 50 in Madden 2011 are:
- Allen Barbre: 48
- Jarius Wynn: 46
- Anthony Toribio: 45
- Tim Masthay: 45
- Evan Dietrich-Smith: 45
- Andrew Quarless: 40
- James Starks: 37
- Marshall Newhouse: 37
- Morgan Burnett: 29

Brandon Underwood barely missed this list by getting a 52 awareness rating. I am guessing if EA Sports could factor in Blackmon's recent transgressions he would overtake Burnett for the lowest awareness rating. Speaking of Burnett, it is never a good thing when one of your projected starters (with Bigby out injured) has the lowest awareness rating on your entire roster.

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