Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Preview

The 2010 Milwaukee Brewers enter spring training with 57 players in contention for 25 roster spots. Absent injury, 15 roster spots are already locked down leaving 10 available roster spots. Below you will find a quick rundown of what 57 players are competing for the 25 roster spots along with my pre-spring training predictions of which players will make the opening day roster.

Lots of things can change between now and when the Brewers open their 2010 campaign on Monday, April 5, 2010 against the Colorado Rockies at Miller Park. Check back throughout spring training for a much more in-depth look at each player and position battle. In the mean time, here is a quick look at the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers heading into spring training:

- Guaranteed: Gregg Zaun
- Borderline: George Kottaras, Jonathan Lucroy, and Angel Salome
- Long-shot: Martin Maldonado and Matt Treanor

Cheesehead Sports Nut's Prediction: The Brewers will keep 2 catchers with the back-up catcher race the most wide open competition of spring training. Both Lucroy and Salome look to be in the Brewers long-term plans if they can stay healthy. That said, both would be much better served catching games in the minor leagues instead of starting once a week and occasionally pinch hitting at the major league level in 2010. As a result, my prediction is that the Brewers will keep Zaun and Kottaras.

- Guaranteed: Craig Counsell (UTIL), Alcides Escobar (SS), Prince Fielder (1B), Casey McGehee (3B), and Rickie Weeks (2B)
- Borderline: Mat Gamel (3B)
- Long-shot: Luis Cruz (SS), Adam Heether (UTIL), Joe Inglett (UTIL), and Hernan Iribarren (2B)

Cheesehead Sports Nut's Prediction: Again, absent major injury, 5 of the 6 infield positions are set in stone. That leaves the debate of whether to give Mat Gamel regular playing time in the minor leagues to let him develop or keep him on the major league roster. Besides monitoring McGehee's recovery from odd-season surgery, another interesting thing to keep an eye on throughout spring training is the production of Joe Inglett. What makes Inglett intriguing is his versatility, Inglett plays can play almost anywhere on the field besides catcher. If Inglett has a really productive spring the Brewers might keep Inglett, which would allow the Brewers to carry another relief pitcher. I know it is a bold prediction but I am going out on a limb here and saying the Brewers will keep Inglett as their 6th infielder along with Counsell, Escobar, Fielder, McGehee, and Weeks.

- Guaranteed: Ryan Braun (LF), Carlos Gomez (CF), and Corey Hart (RF)
- Borderline: Jody Gerut (UTIL) and Jim Edmonds (CF)
- Long-shot: Lorenzo Cain (CF), Trent Oeltjen (LF), Logan Schafer (CF), and Adam Stern (LF)

Cheesehead Sports Nut's Prediction: Since I already went out on a limb above and said the Brewers will keep Inglett as their 5th outfielder/6th infielder that only leaves 4 outfield spots. Outside of the 3 penciled in starters (Braun, Gomez, and Hart), Jody Gerut's ability to play all three outfield positions should make him the 4th outfielder on the Brewers 25-man roster. If Jim Edmonds shows anything in the spring he will make the roster as the 5th outfielder which will be a hard pill for many Brewers fans to swallow...its Jim Edmonds, need I say more?

Starting Pitching:
- Guaranteed: Doug Davis (L), Yovani Gallardo (R), and Randy Wolf (L)
- Borderline: Dave Bush (R), Manny Parra (L), and Jeff Suppan (R)
- Long-shot: Eric Arnett (R), Josh Butler (R), Chris Capuano (L), Marco Estrada (R), Kyle Heckathorn (R), Chris Narveson (L), Alex Periard (R), Amaury Rivas (R), Mark Rogers (R), Cody Scarpetta (R)

Cheesehead Sports Nut's Prediction: The Brewers will most likely keep 6 starting pitchers to start the season if everyone stays healthy. The reason the Brewers might keep 6 is that they are handcuffed with Suppan, Parra, and Bush. Jeff Suppan is in the last year of a huge contract that pays him $12.5 million so it will be hard to bounce him from the rotation. Manny Parra is out of minor league options so the Brewers have to keep him on the opening day roster, place him on the disabled list or grant him his outright release. Finally, Dave Bush will not take kindly to getting sent down to the minors. As a result, my prediction is that the Brewers will keep Bush, Davis, Gallardo, Parra, Suppan, and Wolf with Suppan serving in the long relief role to start the season.

Relief Pitching:
- Guaranteed: Todd Coffey (R), LaTroy Hawkins (R), Trevor Hoffman (R)
- Borderline: Scott Schoeneweis (L), Mitch Stetter (L), Claudio Vargas (R), and Carlos Villanueva (R)
- Long-shot: John Axford (R), Zach Braddock (L), Tim Dillard (R), John Halama (L), Kameron Loe (R), Chuck Lofgren (L), A.J. Murray (L), David Riske (R), Chris Smith (R)

Cheesehead Sports Nut's Prediction: The Brewers would traditionally keep 7 relievers but since I predicted they will keep 6 starting pitchers that leaves only 7 bullpen spots (assuming my Inglett prediction comes true). As a result, my prediction is that the Brewers put Riske on the disabled list to start the season and keep Coffey, Hawkins, Hoffman, Schoeneweis, Stetter, Vargas, and Villanueva. Note this means I am going out on a limb and predicting that the Brewers will carry 13 pitchers and 12 position players.

Opening Day Lineup:
1. Rickie Weeks (2B)
2. Corey Hart (RF)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Prince Fielder (1B)
5. Casey McGehee (3B)
6. Gregg Zaun (C)
7. Carlos Gomez (CF)
8. Yovani Gallardo (P)
9. Alcides Escobar (SS)

Starting Rotation:
1. Yovani Gallardo (R)
2. Randy Wolf (L)
3. Doug Davis (L)
4. Dave Bush (R)
5. Manny Parra (L)

1. Trevor Hoffman (R)
2. Todd Coffey (R)
3. LaTroy Hawkins (R)

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