Saturday, December 14, 2013

#TweetBeat - City thumps Arsenal at The Etihad

For some reason Manchester City is the only team that I regularly follow that I can tweet about during their matches.  I used to write TweetBeat posts occasionally when I had some interesting interaction on Twitter but now that happens so often that it is not worthy of cobbling together a post to re-hash what occurred.  In what I hope will be the first of many posts of this manner, mostly because it involves very little effort while giving a view into my thoughts in real-time, here are my running thoughts on City's thrilling 6-3 victory over Arsenal presented without comment:

Normally when City and Arsenal meet it is a defensive battle since only seven goals (5 for City and 2 for Arsenal) have been scored in their last six meetings.  Thanks to the City's 6-3 thumping of current league leaders Arsenal, City is the only team in the EPL with a perfect record at home amassing 24 of their 29 points in the EPL thanks to scoring 35 goals and only conceding 5 goals at The Etihad.

I hope you enjoyed the post, keep in mind these tweets were all done after pulling an all nighter at the Rosati Elf Convention (annual family Christmas) partially from hanging out late playing bags with my family and partially from being so nervous about the City/Arsenal match that I couldn't sleep.

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