Sunday, March 31, 2013

Milwaukee Bucks lose to Oklahoma City Thunder

Thanks to Mama Cheese for getting a luxury box for us to see the Milwaukee Bucks play the Oklahoma City Thunder on "90's Night". Correct me if I wrong but isn't it crazy that the 90's are now retro?  Coincidentally we were a couple boxes down from Milwaukee Bucks general manager John Hammond.  I felt compelled after any significant play in the game to see how Hammond reacted but in most instances he showed little to no emotion.

I've never been lucky enough to sit in the front row but I imagine that would lose its luster whereas sitting in a luxury box never loses its luster because you have all the food and drink you want at your finger tips.  Plus, as silly as it sounds, having a bathroom in the box might be the best part since you can get in and out without waiting in the long lines and missing the action.

After a fairly uneventful first half, the halftime show was Vanilla Ice.  After singing a few of his lesser known tunes, Vanilla Ice brought down the house with "Ice Ice Baby".  Cheesehead Chick sang all the words, that is right, all the words right along with Vanilla Ice.  With all due respect to the guys playing on the court, keeping in mind that the Thunder have two (Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook) of the ten (LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Dwayne Wade, and James Harden) best players in the NBA, Cheesehead Chick singing "Ice Ice Baby" was the best thing I saw all night.

After an entertaining third quarter and start to the fourth quarter, the Bucks actually lead 92-87 with just over eight minutes to play.  Sadly the Bucks wilted down the stretch to lose.  Here are five random thoughts from watching the Bucks fall to the Thunder:

#1) If Monta Ellis agreed to never shoot outside 20 feet I would actually support signing him long-term.

#2) J.J. Redick looks much more like a Steve Kerr long distance sharp shooter than a regular starting shooting guard.

#3) Brandon Jennings is NOT worth what he is going to be overpaid this off-season but if the Bucks can convince Jennings to be more of slasher then they should be the team that overpays him.

#4) Larry Sanders is the most freakish athlete on the roster but unless he embraces the mental side of the game, the Bucks might not be able to commit to him long-term.

#5) Not sure why Marquis Daniels got 32 minutes while Mike Dunleavy only played seven minutes.  Even more puzzling, why didn't John Henson play a single minute?

There is a 99% chance that the Bucks end up as the last playoff team in the Eastern Conference, which makes them the sacrificial lamb for the Miami Heat so best case scenario they steal a game or two at home to make the series go longer than four games.

That is all a precursor to the biggest off-season in recent memory for the franchise because the Bucks have to determine how to shape their back court going forward since there is a chance, albeit very remote, but a chance that the Bucks could lose their three best guards (Ellis, Jennings, and Redick) before next season.

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