Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Packers make ESPN's NFL Any Era Team

ESPN released their NFL Any Era Team, which is their most recent scheme to make something out of nothing. Here is ESPN's description of the NFL Any Era Team: " and ESPN The Magazine sought a list of the 20 current players who 20 Hall of Famers (and one Hall of Fame writer) believe could play in any era of the NFL." Not the most scientific approach by the folks at ESPN.

ESPN comes up with borderline ridiculous ideas like the NFL Any Era Team and rides them into the ground by having their personalities talk and write about them across all of their platforms for as long as possible.

I guess I am perpetuating ESPN's craziness by writing about it but since two Green Bay Packers ended up on the list it is at least worth mentioning, especially since a bunch of Packers are playing in the Pro Bowl today instead of preparing for the Super Bowl. The two Green Bay Packers that made the list are: Aaron Rodgers (ranked 9th) and Charles Woodson (ranked 4th).

I am fine with both of the selections, especially since HGH would not be readily available in any era for Clay Matthews...kidding (sort of) and with the relaxed rules for receivers I am not positive Greg Jennings would be as explosive in any era. It makes senses that Charles Woodson finished in front of Rodgers although I would bet there are a bunch of guys behind both that are salty.

Patriots fans have to be pissed that Tom Brady was ranked #11 while Rodgers was ranked #9. Add in that Ben Roethlisberger was ranked #3 and luckily Patriots fans can look forward to Super Bowl XLVI instead of worrying about these stupid lists.

Speaking of Super Bowl XLVI, it is being played in Indianapolis this year where Colts fans are about to have an ugly divorce with their franchise quarterback Peyton Manning. I guess that means the least of their worries is that Manning was ranked #20 while Lefty Jesus aka Tim Tebow was ranked #19.

I already gave this ridiculous list more coverage than it deserves, you are welcome to seek out the whole list and complain if you like. If possible, enjoy the Pro Bowl since it will be the last time you will see anyone wearing Green and Gold on an NFL field for at least six months.

Check back over the next few weeks for a bunch of Packers coverage as I put the final touches on the 2011 season and look forward to the 2012 season.

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