Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tweet Beat...The Prince and Clay Matthews Showing Maturity

As always, these are tweets from today (March 25, 2010) sent by native Cheeseheads or transplanted Cheeseheads. For this installment of "Tweet Beat" I wanted to highlight two young, up and coming players from the Milwaukee Bucks and the Green Bay Packers:

The Buck - The Price (Luc Richard Mbah a Moute) recently tweeted about giving his time to others, which shows he is selfless on and off the court:

Tweet #1: "Got done with practice... Ready to go to the children's hospital and hang with the kids...."

Tweet #2: "Next time u think things are not going ur way or u having a bad day, think about the kids who are going thru cancer and their families...."

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The Packer - Clay Matthews tweeted about hunting which proves that even a California boy can be converted to a Cheesehead in no time:

Tweet #1: "Just shoot a bow 4 the 1st time and it was everything I imagined... That arrow was hummin!!"

Tweet #2: "Note to self... Keep a bent arm as the wire will slap the *#;? outta ur forearm... OUCH!!!"

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