Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tweet Beat involving @CheeseheadSN

It has been almost two years since I've had a "Tweet Beat" post but based on what transpired Friday on Twitter, I had to post a combo Sunday Funday/Tweet Beat post.  For those that don't know, I tweet under the handle @CheeseheadSN in relative anonymity thanks to only having a couple dozen followers.  I only selectively tweet, usually about Cheesehead sports, so please bear with me since this post is going to come off as purely gratuitous.

Let me set the stage, @billsimmons was browbeating NHL commissioner Gary Bettman in his weekly article for  The closing paragraph to that portion of his article was: "For that and that alone, Gary Bettman needs to step down. No, we can't impeach him. Yes, we can continue to excoriate him. He's the worst commissioner in sports history, and really, it's going to remain that way unless Roger Goodell extends the NFL's season to 20 games, adds Wednesday- and Friday-night football to the schedule, pays a hitman to murder Jonathan Vilma, and gets outed for having a heated affair with his biographer, Peter King … and even then, I'd probably still give the edge to Bettman."  (source)

For some reason I decided to tweet this:
I was completely floored to see @SI_PeterKing tweet this out to his almost 1 million Twitter followers:

If that wasn't enough excitement for one night, as I was getting ready for bed I saw that Green Bay Packers offensive guards Josh Sitton was interacting with fans on Twitter so buoyed by my excitement of the tweet discussed above, I decided to tweet this:
Less floored than the tweet involving me by @SI_PeterKing but surprised nonetheless, here is what @jsitton71 tweeted:

Trust me, I know it is sad how much excitement I get out of the fact that an NFL writer for Sports Illustrated and an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers took a few seconds out of their life to re-tweet some of my tweets while adding their thoughts.  I also get that it is downright certifiable that I dedicated an entire "Sunday Funday" post to the tweets above but since I only gained a half dozen followers via the re-tweets, I had to share my stories with the masses just a few second before I tweet out a link to this blog post.

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