Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funday - Cheesehead Sports Nut, Cheesehead Chick, & Sug finished the Chicago Spring Half Marathon

I thought I would go with a non-traditional Sunday Funday post since Cheesehead Chick, Sug, and I ran the Chicago Spring Half Marathon today.

It was a beautiful day to run and a perfect course along the lakefront path, despite the dodgy start/finish line. I knew that the race was going to go well when a spectator held up a "Run for Cheese" sign only a few miles into the race...definitely my kind of crowd...Cheesehead Chick could barely contain herself.

The highlight of the run (besides finishing along side Cheesehead Chick) was running by Soldier Field knowing that Rodgers and Company are going to pound the Bears there on Monday Night Football September 27.

The gold medal for the race goes to Sug with a time of 1:57:22. The shared silver medal goes to Cheesehead Chick and myself since we finished together with a time of 2:03:58.

With 4 miles left in my 11 mile training run last week, I swore that this would be my last half marathon (I have run a total of two, so it is not that big of a proclamation). But today's race went really well. It might not be my last after all.

Time for a bloody mary and a nap! Guilt free laziness...the best part of finishing!

I hope everyone else had a Funday Sunday, too!

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  1. would love to see a dual post that includes cheesehead chick.