Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Potential Moves for the Packers at the 2009 NFL Trade Deadline

I think Ted Thompson will stand his ground instead of making a blockbuster trade before the NFL trading deadline. That said, here are a few hypothetical trades that I would support:

#1) Trading Aaron Kampman. Trading Kampman makes a lot of sense because he seems like a fish out of water in the 3-4 defense. If the Packers are going to play strictly a 3-4 defense, Kampman is not in their long-term plans. The Packers should try to mix in some 4-3 defense with Aaron Kampman & Cullen Jenkins at defense end and Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly & B.J. Raji at defensive tackle but that does not seem likely since they are transitioning from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4 defense this year. The Packers could get a big return for Kampman, may be a 1st round pick OR a 2nd & 4th round pick OR even a player if they are willing to absorb a high priced salary. Two player that make a lot of sense for the Packers are Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers and Adalius Thomas of the New England Patriots. Peppers is franchised so the Packers are not tied long-term to him if he does not work out. Thomas was a healthy scratch last week in favor of Junior Seau for the New England Patriots which is never a good sign but Dom Capers worked for the Patriots last season so his input would help Ted Thompson make the final decision. The Packers have the cap room to absorb a hit by trading Kampman and taking back a large contract such as Peppers or Thomas. Furthermore, Kampman is an unrestricted free agent in the offseason with an uncapped year in the NFL looming. Ted Thompson likes his own guys so he will not chase Kampman. Plus at the age of 30, Kampman is going to cost a bunch for a player that is nearing the downside of his career. I know it sounds crazy because of how much production Kampman has had for the Packers over the last three seasons but the Packers have depth at outside linebacker with Clay Matthews, Brady Poppinga, Jeremy Thompson, Brad Jones and Spencer Havner. Mark my words, if the Packers do not trade Kampman, they will put the franchise tag on him in the off season and try to trade him then. As such, if Ted Thompson can get what he wants now for Kampman, make the trade and deal with the public relations fallout now while in season.

#2) Try to get something for Desmond Bishop. For some reason the Packers do not want to play Bishop. It comes down to the amount Bishop is getting paid vs. the rest of the middle linebackers on the Packers roster. If A.J. Hawk was not one of the highest paid Packers, he would give way to Bishop or might even be cut. The only reason to keep Bishop is if the Packers are not going to re-sign Brandon Chillar. With the way the Packers play Chillar in the "Big Okie" defensive formation where they put Chillar at safety along with Collins, the Packers will most likely resign him. As a result, get a player that can fill gaps for the Packers now, ideally a backup offensive tackle or defensive lineman.

#3) Get any viable running back available. Ryan Grant tackles himself plus Brandon Jackson and DeShawn Wynn can't stay healthy. The Packers need another reliable running back for the impending cold weather in Green Bay. There are a number of backup running backs that should be available for a late round draft pick. I know Ted Thompson likes to build through the draft but the Packers have so many young players on the 53-man roster there isn't really any room to add that many guys in the 2010 draft. The Packers might as well pick up a guy that can help the team now. A home run would be a guy like Fred Jackson but it seems highly unlikely the Buffalo Bills would move a guy getting paid almost league minimum with that much upside. A single would be picking up a back up with potential such as Justin Forsett on the Seattle Seahawks.

Ted Thompson will most likely not make any of the moves mentioned above. If Thompson does, the Packers will be a better team not only the day after the trade but for the next few seasons. One of Thompson's strengths as a general manager is that he does not mortgage the team's future for short terms returns. All of the trades mentioned above fit that criteria. As Thompson knows, you have to trade assets when they are at their highest value. Right now Aaron Kampman and Desmond Bishop are at their highest value. If Thompson waits until the offseason, teams can address their needs through the draft and free agency which will reduce the value of both Kampman and Bishop.

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